Surprise! High-End Beauty Products on Sale

Hi Everyone,

Today is day 4 of this quarantine and we are starting to get used to our “new normal”. Right now there are a lot of really good sales and I have a feeling that things will become even more discounted with so many stores shutting down. So definitely keep an eye out for that special something you have been might just go on sale. I recently made a purchase of a few high end beauty products. Some items I am restocking on. I wanted to wait for the Sephora sale but there has been no announcement of a sale, yet. I am sure there is one around the corner. Also, this one is actually better because it gives you 25% off vs. Sephora which offers 20% (at the highest level of VIB Rouge). If you haven’t shopped at Nordstrom before, keep in mind that they have free shipping and returns. So if you have wanted to try something but don’t like it, you are still free to return it. 

Some items I am restocking on are: 1, 3, and 5. I’ve used all of these and highly recommend. I have the shortest lashes but number 5 makes them look long and full!

Everything else like 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are all new to me. I figured since I’ll be home, now is the time to see if I like a product and if I don’t I am free to return in without penalty. Keep in mind many of these items are high end, selling out fast and rarely go on sale. I had to re-do this post a few times because with in the hour they sold out. I’ll do a follow up review to let you know how I like the new products.


Praying you and your family stay safe and healthy,


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