My Hospital Bag: What I’m Packing

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. It’s so crazy how our world has been turned upside down. We are praying everyday for this to go away as soon as possible- it almost doesn’t seem real. In the midst of everything, we are still preparing to have our baby in just a few weeks. So I thought i’d share what I am bringing. I really messed up on the hospital bag packing the first time around. I thought more about things I would need rather than realistic items and things for my husband and baby. While I was at the hospital, my husband had to either buy things for me or go to my house and get them for me. This time we are being more prepared and ready to go.


  1. A Car Seat. They will not let you leave without one and they will check. The nurses will also go over a few safety items with you as well before you leave.
  2. Going Home Outfit. If you want your baby to look cute or taking pictures, pack something really cute for them to leave with.
  3. Breast Feeding Supplies. Bottles and storage containers. That’s all up to you. The hospital I was at supplied a lot of that for me including a pump. So I would check before bringing all of that.
  4. Don’t worry about Diapers, wipes and formula. The hospital will supply all of that for you and make sure to take it all home and pack it away every day. You can easily stock up on supplies…ask anyone who has had a baby and they will tell you. The nurses change shifts every 12 hours so you can pack the diapers and formula away and ask for new products. 


  1. Your Birth Plan. I didn’t have one so the hospital supplied me with one. This just helps the doctors and nurses to know what you would ike as far as shots, do you want the baby on you or just to look at the baby, who will hold the baby first etc. You can also highlight the important stuff for it to stand out to the nurses and doctors. 
  2. Makeup. I put on makeup before I delivered and that wasn’t smart because it wore off my the time I was done. Give yourself time to rest and then put on makeup for visitors or when you feel like it. 
  3. Toiletries. Bring shampoo/ conditioner or dry shampoo. Your own soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. 
  4. Drinks and snacks. if you want your own food and drinks, you can bring them for after labor.
  5. Cell Phone charger. Extra long cable or back up charger.
  6. Fan. Sometimes you can get hot flashes after giving birth or before. I used my fan a lot. 
  7. Comfortable clothes. Clothes to lounge in at the hospital and clothes to leave in. Pack for 3 days at least. 
  8. Your own hospital gown and pillow case. I bought my own hospital gown when I gave birth to Tommy and it was nice because I had my own thing. Also, bring a pillow case that stands out so they don’t take your pillow (if you bring one from home).
  9. Bath Towels. If you like your own towels, then bring them.
  10. Nipple Cream. If you plan on breast feeding. It hurts a lot in the beginning.
  11. Adult Diapers. I just used what was supplied to me from the hospital but I know some people like Depends in stead. At home, I used overnight pads. The numbing spray was given to me by the hospital. However, if you want your own then bring it. 

Spouse/ Partner

  1. Snacks/ drinks
  2. Book/ Computer/ electronic devises/ Headphones/ Iphone charger
  3. Pillow/ blankets
  4. Change of clothes for up to 3 days (unless they are planning on going back and forth to home)


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