A Beginners Guide: How to do a Dip Manicure at Home

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I hope as you are reading this you are safe and healthy and so is your family. With crazy times and so much stress around us, I find it to be a moment of peace to be able to distract myself with something else other than the news. I usually get a dip manicure once a month. The person I go to is AMAZING and I never have any nails pop off- which is a miracle bc in the past I had to always go every two weeks. However, with the government shutting down non-essential businesses, this is not a possibility any more.

However, luckily, I used to give myself a dip manicure all the time- so I thought it was time to break out the old nail dip kit and do it again! A quick disclaimer…I am not a nail tech and have never had professional training. Everything I know is either from Youtube tutorials or trial and error. The reason I stopped doing them myself is because it is a little time consuming. It can take at least an hour and so I’d rather pay for someone to do it since it’s easier for me and also a moment where I can sit back and relax while someone else does the hard work. 

So here’s how it goes. Firstly, get some pure acetone nail polish remover, cotton balls and aluminum foil. If you already have dip or a gel manicure on, this is the only way to remove it without damaging your nails. 

How to Easily Apply

Dip Powder to your Nails

  1. Put the acetone on a piece of the cotton ball and wrap your finger tip with the aluminum. My nail tech also puts my hand in a loose plastic glove. Quick hack: If you don’t have this, you can put the acetone in a small sandwich bag, put your finger tips in the bag, and dip that bag in warm water (in a bowl). This will give you the same affect and quicken the breakdown of the product on your nails.

2. Prep the nails- You want to make sure they are clean. So make sure to scrape everything off the nail. If it isn’t coming off easily, you have to soak a little more. You can file, buff and shape the nail. Then wash with warm soap and water and dry thoroughly. 

3. Apply the Nail prep liquid #1 to all nails and let it dry- it will dry very quickly.

4. Apply the base gel (#2) to 3/4 of the surface of the nail and dip it into the nail powder. You want to use a crystal clear powder at this point for the base. 

5. Apply #2 base gel and dip it into the color dip powder. 

6. Repeat step 5

7. Apply base gel #2- Let it dry (15-30 secs)

8. Apply gel activator liquid #3 to all nails. Let it dry (30 secs)

Final Process

  1. Buff all nails with a file or electric drill. Be careful not to over drill your nails.
  2. Rinse hands- NO SOAP!
  3. Apply activator liquid #3
  4. Apply 2 coats of the finish gel #4 (Second time lightly- let it dry for 2 minutes.

A couple of helpful tips:

  1. I have a small fan that I put next to my face while doing this. Sometimes the smell bothers me and my eyes, so that helps.
  2. By an electric drill for the nails. It helps the process to be more precise and less labor intensive.
  3. The kit will last you a very long time, so invest in a good one! I linked both of the kits I like below. 
  4. Purchase a good nail file, buffer and acetone. If you don’t have these things, it can make the whole process longer. You need acetone even if you don’t have dip on your fingers because if you make a mistake, you want to easily take it off without hurting the nail. 
  5. The two colors I used were DC White Chalk (#056) and DC Crystal clear base. When you purchase a kit, it lets you pick whichever color you like. 

Quick Shop

Helpful Video Tutorials!

Here is a video on how to safely remove gel and dip from your nails. 

Here is a video on how to apply dip (this really helped me learn how to do apply dip easily). 

Here is a video on how to easily apply fake nail tips to your nails. 

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