April Favorites 2020

Hi Everyone!

This week I’m talking about some of my top used products for the month of April. Truthfully, some of these products are my “Holy Grails” and I have been using them so much, I thought I’d give them another mention. 

So here it goes…


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  1. Tory Burch sandal. It’s not everyday that these sandals go on sale so when they do, take advantage! I love this summer red color. I probably wear these sandals the most to go anywhere. I am NOT a sandal person and they are super comfortable- that’s saying a lot.
  2. Grey long dress. I bought this for after I had my baby. If you don’t know, I had a c-section so the idea of wearing anything tight on my belly, was horrifying. I have worn this dress a ton throughout the week and to doctors appointments. It’s soft and comfortable but still flattering. Also, it is not see through which is a major bonus. Blog post on the black version here.
  3. Soft pjs. I got these, again, for recovering with my surgery but I wear them all the time. So does my sister in law. They are so comfortable I got another pair in grey. Also, the button down top is a bonus for my fellow breast feeding Mamas. 
  4. Pink fluffy slippers. Who doesn’t love fluffy slippers??? I wear these all over the house…like all the time! They come in a few other colors and  are very comfortable.
  5. Tan Luxe and hyaluronic acid gradual tanner. I love the idea of using a self tanner that is good for your skin. I just started using the self tanner from Tan Luxe and I love it. It doesn’t make me break out which is even better. I am still obsessed with me OG fav Loving tan, but I plan on using the body drops over it with some lotion. This product is on a MAJOR deal…like more than half off if you use code HSN10. 
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Foundation. I forgot how good this foundation is! I love it. I use the shade #2. It is really good for warm weather and humidity which we have plenty of in Florida. 
  7. Keratese Blonde Conditioner. Now that I haven’t been able to go to the salon, I have been using more “blonde type products” to keep my hair from looking dark and brassy. I love this product and honestly anything from Keratese is amazing. 
  8. Lilah b. Primer oil. I read about this product online and only bought the mini but this product has really WOW’d me. It’s moisturizing. but not overly oily. It helps my makeup apply so smoothly. I honestly think I’m gonna get the bigger bottle before the sale is over. It’s probably my favorite out of all of the things I bought.
  9. Tatcha Cleansing oil. I was using this before I was pregnant but then I stopped since I lay off a lot of my skin care while pregnant. Now that I am not pregnant anymore, I am going back to my skin care favs and this is one of them!
  10. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer. I have a blog post about this here. I bought the Dyson hair dryer and then later I bought the Revlon one because my mom and sister kept raving about it. I like it much better than the Dyson, it’s faster and gets my hair very straight. I have really curly hair and it usually takes me over an hour to blow dry my hair but with the Revlon it’s about 30 minutes. It’s worth every penny!

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