Easy Potty Training Tips for First Time Moms+ Free Disney potty reward chart!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great week. With a semi- quarantine still going on and me not working, we thought it would be a perfect time to get Tommy potty trained. Now, first I’d like to say that we probably could’ve done it a little earlier but, we (really me) weren’t ready. I was finishing up to the school year and just like any new habit it really takes 30 days for it to become a habit. So, I wanted to really dedicate time to helping Tommy get  potty trained. 

Here are some of the signs that Tommy was ready for potty training: 

  1. He would announce every time he had to pee or poop.
  2. He hated having his diaper changed. He would run away any time we attempted to do it.
  3. He was in the last size of diapers for toddlers. He was in a size 5 and after that it was pull-ups so it was time to potty train.
  4. He would sit on the potty or follow me in the bathroom. I know this sounds gross but I would show him, “See Mommy pee-pee”.

I would say to anyone wondering if they should potty train, is to make sure you are ready and the child is ready. Everyone is different. My niece was super easy and basically copied her big brother and just became potty trained one day. My nephew took a little longer to be fully potty trained.

10 Easy Tips on  Potty Training your Child

  1. Be really excited when they pee or poop. I’m talking like parade, phone call to Daddy, grandma, grandpa, whatever.
  2. The first couple of times are going to take a while, once he is used to peeing in the potty, he’ll be quicker.
  3. Read a book before you start potty training. It helps explain to your child what’s going on. I love this book because it shows a big kid, toddler and baby and all three stages that they are in. It’s a pop up book and my son loves it!
  4. Buy pull-ups for the night stuff or long car rides. We only use pull-ups for nap time and night time. Eventually, he’ll grow out of them. We aren’t worried about it right now. We just want to get the day time potty training down pat. My sister travels with a potty for long trips since her kids do not use pull-ups anymore. 
  5. Buy training underwear. It has extra padding which helps a lot for little accidents.
  6. Use a reward chart with stickers to mark days that he is being potty trained. I put a sticker on it everyday that he poops in the potty. I really praise him and cheer him on. My son loves praise and he is more motivated by that than toys or special treats.
  7. If you are worried about driving in the car for a long time, put on a pull-up. It’s not a defeat in the beginning, it saves your carseat lining!
  8. For the first 3-4 days, have your child not wear underwear or pants. it helps to force them to go to the bathroom. We did this for a week before introducing underwear, which again we made a big deal out of.
  9. If you can, have your child pick out a toilet and the underwear. I wasn’t able to do this since most stores were closed at the time. I just picked items I knew he would like.
  10. Mistakes are going to happen. Some days Tommy would be perfect and other days I’d feel so defeated. Don’t regress and go back to the diaper, stick to the routine and he or she will conquer it, and you will be one happy Mama. 

There are more tips but the truth is every kid is different. Some get it right away and some take a little longer. Right now, we are still working with no accidents in the car when he falls asleep. Also, using public restrooms will be another challenge.  Right now, Tommy is going diaper free all day and that makes me happy. Celebrate the gains and continue to implement the routine and your child will have success. I also have potty training tips saved to my Instagram in my highlights. You can follow my handle here @busygirlglamblog

Here is a really cute Disney themed rewards chart for boys and girls.

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