Ranking my favorite Drugstore and Luxury Lip Glosses for Summer from Best to Worst

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great week. During the summer I like to switch up my make up routine. It depends on the moment but lately my favorite thing to wear has been a tinted lip balm during the day (like the Rouge Coco Flash #138) and a bright color for evening (like the L’Oreal Les Macaroons #824). Today, i’m going to rank my favorite luxury and drugstore lip glosses including which are worth the money or not.




This has been hands down my favorite. It’s a sheer pink color, goes with everything. The only problem is that it dissolves quickly but it definitely conditions my lips and gives a natural color too. 


Hands down worth every dime. It has a beautiful sheer pink that can be worn alone or over lipstick and the gloss stays on your lips. There is no sticky feeling or scent.  


This color is similar to the Tom Ford one (above). It goes well alone or over lipstick. it’s not as thick as the Tom Ford one but it’s a pretty nude pink. I like it best over lipstick like this one here (Color: dancefloor princess) and here (Color: Kim K)


This is probably the BEST drugstore lip gloss that is more like a liquid lipstick. It’s very potent and will stain your lips! It does set matte so you might want add a gloss over it if that bothers you. 


This has to be my least favorite of all. The color is beautiful but it doesn’t stay on my lips, and it separates in the middle of my lips. I find myself having to constantly re-apply and it almost instantly separates. If that isn’t a problem for you, then purchase it. But the price tag is wayy too much for the quality. If you like this a great drug store option is this (color: Dose of Cocoa) and it is Way better and only 7 dollars. 

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