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Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well. As many of you, staying home, has made me purchase more things from Amazon than I ever have before. I find it to be quick and reliable and their customer service is really great (not an Ad loll). Even more, I have been purchasing things online for Tommy to do. With parks, beaches and libraries closed- other than walks in our neighborhood, it has been definitely a struggle to occupy my son at home (unless it’s an i-pad and I don’t like him to use that all day). My sister is a kindergarten teacher and she has been giving me LOTS of great activities to do with kids, so I bought  Dot paint that I linked below. It’s basically paint in a marker and you can do “Dot” Letter activities with it that help with writing. I love painting with Tommy but it definitely tends to get messy and this is a lot less work. Here is a link to some bubble paint activities. 

Some other items I have bought: Mickey Waffle maker– if you can’t go to Disney bring the magic to you…lol. Deodorant that also whitens your armpits (I will report back how well it works in a few weeks). Sunglasses- I love the sunglasses I linked below on Amazon. They are just as good as my luxury ones. I don’t like buying expensive sunglasses because I tend to lose my sunglasses easily and it’s just money down the drain. Lastly, heart coffee cups. These cups are clear and stylish. They don’t fill a lot of coffee because they are more of a teacup,  but they are definitely cute to hold and only $10. 

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