Do I still Like the Revlon Hair Blower? {An Honest Review}

Hi Everyone,

I have been using the revlon hair dryer for about a year now and here are my thoughts. First, I want to make mention that I have a blog post comparing the Revlon one step dryer ($40) with the Dyson hair dryer ($550) here. When I first  heard about this dryer I thought it was a joke. There is no way a dryer that cheap could blow my hair out (I thought)? I have very thick curly hair, so the products I use have to be really good. This has always been a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get to use really nice products but a curse because the price of those products can be crazy i.e a Dyson hair dryer for $550! 

I can honestly tell you that I love my Revlon more than I like the Dyson. In fact, I can honestly tell you I do not remember the last time that I have used my Dyson. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great hair dryer BUT the Revlon works faster and is more efficient because it is connected to a brush. Like I have said, my hair is thick, frizzy and curly so many things people swear by do not usually work for me. This works AH-MAZING! In fact I just repurchased a new one to have since I saw it was on sale from $60 to $41. Walmart and Amazon tend to be the best places to find it on sale since it is usually $60 dollars.

Go ahead and give it a try! It works like magic- even my hair dresser loves it and she is pretty honest about everything!

You can also check out my curly hair highlights on Instagram. I saved all the details so you can see it in action. You can find me @busygirlglamblog


Have a great week!


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