How to Raise a Good Reader in just 15 Minutes

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Many of you know that I am a teacher and I teach English. I love reading and I am probably much happier with some quiet time and a good book. Although, It wasn’t alway like that.  Growing up I struggled to read and it really hit me around middle school. There was nothing that got my attention and if I started to read, i’d lose interest with in a few chapters. My mom is also a teacher and she was concerned with my grades and how disinterested I became in school. I could read something over and over and have no clue what it was talking about. 

We started a routine and at first I was not happy about it. But would you know that it’s a routine, I follow to this day and I am not instilling in my children.

As a family, we read everyday. Yup, that’s right. Right after bed time we read. Sometimes could be for almost an hour. We started with one book. Tommy, my 2 year old, could care less, because it wasn’t as exciting as his iPad. But little by little, he began to love it. He’d pick the book out, we’d read it all excited and animated and now he won’t go to sleep without reading. 

We usually read about 5 – 7 books of his choice. I’ll link some of his favorites below! Then, we read a Bible story, pray and it’s time for sleep. Over the last 6 months, we noticed a behavior change in Tommy. He has been reaching for his books more than the iPad and he even “reads” to himself…lol. It’s become a fun family gathering we do every night. 

Yes, it can be exhausting especially after a long work day but I want my son to love reading. Did you know that children who read generally not only do better in all their subjects but it helps them even in Math! 

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Here are some fun books for the Fall and Winter season. Also I linked some of our favorites that we read together. 

Favorite Books to Read as a Family


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