15 Beach Baby Essentials

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Hope you are having a great day today. If you are like me, you are probably planning to go to the beach sometime soon. Spring is officially a few days away and living in Florida, I plan on going to the beach a lot. Would you believe me if I told you, I rarely every go to the beach…lol It’s so true! However, I am more of a pool person. My sister goes once a week but I am definitely going to try and go more often. Today was so beautiful and I got the opportunity to walk on the beach with Tommy and he loved it. We ran up and down the shore and every time he got wet, we’d go splash splash and he laughed so hard. Seeing his little sweet smile and hearing his laugh just made me so excited to go to the beach more often. The only problem is….What do you bring for a baby???

Of course, I asked my sister who I think is an expert on this since she has two babies under two. She helped me come up with a list of 15 Beach Baby Essentials that are TRIED and TRUE. By the way…the great news is most of these items are very affordable and on sale!

1.Girls Rash Guard bathing suit {on Sale!)

This bathing suit is super cute and has sun protection for the arms. Sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough or can wear off over time. This gives your precious princess an extra layer of sun protection.

2. Boys Rash Guard bathing suit {on Sale!)

Tommy wore this bathing suit last year and it is so cute. It goes with most bathing suits too. Again, it acts as an extra layer of protection from the harsh sun.

3. Sun hat

I used this one last year when Tommy was only a few months. Originally I used a different sun hat but I didn’t realize that his ears and neck can get sunburned by the water’s reflection. So I switched hats and used this one. It protected him so much better. BTW it comes in a bunch of different colors!

4. Toddler/ Baby Sunglasses

These are cute and under 5 dollars. Honestly, your toddler might not wear sunglasses. However, they are cute for a quick photo. I wouldn’t spend much on sunglasses because they can easily get damaged or lost.

5. Pink Water socks

These have a great rating and come in a bunch of different styles. I recommend these for every child on the beach. I have personally seen a person step on the wrong shell and cut their food badly, or burn their feet from the hot sand. Mamas…avoid the drama and definitely purchase the water shoes (I even recommend them for adults).

6. Toddler Nautical Beach Shorts

I purchased these for Tommy and they are perfect for the beach. I recommend sizing up. All of the beach shorts for Tommy ran really small…especially when he had a diaper on. I would check for your child, if that isn’t the case, then stay true to size.

7. Boy water shoes

These are the same as the girl shoes. They are really great and comfy for baby to wear in the water and on the sand.

8. Honest Sunscreen

There are a few things that I would definitely make the investment in and this sunscreen is one of them. It’s a spray so it is easy to apply on your baby who will complain the entire time you apply sunscreen on him or her. Also, the coverage is great and the company is known for being free of bad toxins.

9. Pampers Water Diapers

I like Pampers because all other diapers give my son a rash, but any water diaper will work. These are great because they protect any leakage from your baby’s diaper without expanding. Keep in mind though, there is no absorption. I learned the the hard way when I put Tommy in the carseat, drove home, and took him out of his car seat full of pee. I forgot to switch diapers…woops! BTW- you can put a regular diaper on your child for the water…but it will expand and might be uncomfortable for your baby.

10. Water Wipes

I feel like this is obvious but think sand, dirt, etc. These wipes are great for face, hands, pacifier etc. I also like regular wipes but I carry these for when I want a little more moisture to clean.

11. Disney Personalized Beach Towels {On Sale}

This is so cute. I love that it has a hat and that it can be personalized. They are on sale and I can’t wait to get this for Tommy.

12. Beach Toys

These are very inexpensive, come in a bag and will give your child/toddler all the fun they need in the sand.

13. Toddler beach chair {Comes with a bag too}

Love this and the fact that it folds into a beach bag. Cool part is, the top of the chair is the bag…no extra bag to stick it in. Oh, and it has a cup holder. It’s so perfect for the beach!

14. Beach Bag/ Cooler

I saw this and immediately put it in my cart. I love that the bottom is also a cooler and it is detachable. I can even use this for groceries so it’ll be used a lot. It does come in another color too!

15. Travel Beach Wagon

This cart easily loads towels, toys, clothes and chairs, etc. I bought this and use it all the time. Best purchase ever! It makes life so easy because everything is easily loaded in one place and I can travel on the sand with my beach items and child easily. Anything that makes life simpler and easier, especially while walking on the hot sand….is good for me!

Ps. Hope you guys Enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments let me know below. I’d love to hear from you!

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